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Online art Class
  • Age : 4-18 Years old
  • Draw Live Demos
  • Give Video Tutorial
  • Small group Instruction
  • Duration:1-1.5 hours per lesson
  • Live class via Zoom

In Person Class

Art teacher

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    We Teach Five Different Art Mediums

    Every Child is an Artist.The problem is how to remain Artist once we grow up

    Water Color

    Student will learn the basic water-color painting technique including wet on wet & wet on dry skills, and how to enhance that technique with salt and color mixing and complementary color.

    Color Pencil

    Color Pencil

    students will learn how to shading, mixing and blending colors, and how to control the pressure to make different textures and effects.

    Soft Pastel

    Students will learn the basic characters of chalk pastel, and how to use blending, hatching and scumbling skills to add image depth and visual texture.

    Acrylic Paint

    Students will study the color theory, color mixing, specific painting tips and how to design the creative paintings as their own desired in unique way.

    Clay art 3D

    Clay Sculpture

    Clay art is a unique and awe-inspiring form of artistic expression. This art medium helps your child to create 3D sculpture for their imagination, it inspires children ’s creativity with hand coordination.

    Why Your Child's Art Education Needs ?

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